The fantasy world, and how to deal with it

I received an email this morning from the good folks over at Emotional Affair Journey regarding a Q&A session they did with a family therapist for a new members-only program they are initiating that deals with affair recovery. The topic of the session was the fantasy world that adulterers inhabit, and how to interact with them in such a way as to encourage the bursting of that fantasy bubble.

You can find a pdf of the transcript of that session here.

Incidentally, the featured photo here is one I took in an Asian grocery store last year. They stock a number of products for Russian, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic communities, and this price tag was right below a Russian jar of jam. The label had been printed entirely in Russian, so this was the shop owner’s attempt to decipher it into the Latin Alphabet. I guess that I sometimes feel like the fantasy world that adulterers inhabit take normal, every day events and translate them into gibberish. I’d imagine that their perspective on reality must on some level be as distorted and absurd as the text on this price tag.