Busy week

Sheesh, it’s been a busy week, and it’s only Tuesday. Actually, I think it feels like it’s been a busy week, since I’ve been inundated with stuff to do since last Thursday. In that regard, today kind of feels like Friday, and so it’s appropriate that I have a free day tomorrow.

Things got busy last Wednesday, when I got a response to a resumé I’d mailed out a couple of weeks before. It was for a job that I felt I’d be a very good match for, and I felt rather surprised (and dismayed) that a bit of time had transpired and I’d heard nothing. The email asked if we could set up a phone interview for the following morning, and I agreed. No time was specified, but it seemed like it would probably be mid-morning.

Morning came and went and nothing happened. I was on my way into the office when I got the phone call, and said that I was in the car and suggested perhaps talking later. We agreed on a rather unconventional time of 9:00 p.m. The phone call came a half hour late, and we chatted for a bit. I was invited for an interview the following day. I was on time, but the interview started, again, a half hour late. It went very well, and lasted about an hour and a half. I pretty much was sure I’d be offered the job; I was called back that evening with pretty much an offer in hand. There were still some formalities to work out: scheduling, and a background check (due to the nature of the work), but otherwise everything seemed to be headed in the right direction. I also had to do an assessment yesterday, which I did, and after that assessment I was basically offered the job — again, pending the background and reference checks, which had not yet been done. I guess they were done this morning and that things were A-okay, since I signed the paperwork this evening. I’ve got a mountain of paperwork to read before I start on Monday.

This is a significant development for me. One of my wife’s chief complaints about me is that I never really tried hard enough to replace the income I’d lost when I was forced to leave a full-time job a few years ago; instead, I’d cobbled together an income from various freelance and part-time sources. The truth be told, she was doing the same thing. This job takes care of all that, and allows me a pretty good deal of flexibility to boot. When I signed that paperwork tonight, I more or less rewrote the last chapter of the story she has been telling herself for these many months. There really isn’t a whole lot of fixing I need to do at this point, and certainly nothing that couldn’t be more efficiently taken care of without her participation. So, in a way, it’s kind of like I’ve gone ahead and upheld my end of the deal, and so now I’m waiting for her to recognize that and to come back to uphold her end as well.

Of course, this will mean that she has to end the affair. There’s not a lot of reason for her not to do it anymore, other than her previously (and perhaps current) pathological need to maintain her agenda and its attendant narrative.

Well, anyway, she’ll be in town tomorrow and the day after, so I should be able to see her in the fairly near future. We’ll see what happens, I guess.