Rodion’s Auto Repair Fund

Help! Well, folks, I got an update on the auto situation. The mechanic stopped by today while I was gone (he’s a mobile mechanic, so you don’t have to be there) and his initial quote was $300. Ouch. He was thinking that the battery cables would need to be changed out, and those are dealership-only parts, so they’re quite expensive. But, he did a bit of work and figured that he could actually just repair what was there, so that repair will be a bit less costly.

But wait, there’s more — in the process of removing the various and sundry parts, he discovered that the air intake hose had been corroded through; I had a check engine light come on recently, and this was the cause. Now this part is dealership-only for sure, and so my original quote is probably right back to where we began. He’s got to order the parts and will be coming by tomorrow to finish up the job and I guess I’ll know the final damage tomorrow. He is a good mechanic, though; in fact, he’s the same guy we hired to check out and certify the car before we bought it from a third party a few years ago.

So… if any of you, dear readers, wish to chip in to Rodion’s Auto Repair Fund please, please do so… donations from 5 cents to $500 are welcome. There’s a widget at the bottom of this page on which you can set any donation amount. Or, you can just click here. My bank account has been hemmoraging funds as of late, and it will thank you, yes it will.

Today was a long day — a very long day. I hardly slept at all last night: I was in bed around 11:00, and woke up around 1:30 a.m. and did not really get back to sleep after that. I guess I blame it in part on the full moon, but here’s the thing: whenever I have this kind of sleepless night, it seems that it invariably ties in to something odd that is going on with my wife. The first time this happened to me was the night that she consummated her affair. It was almost as if there was this palpable energy that was present, even though she wasn’t physically there. I don’t know if this means anything about her situation right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it does. I have not heard a peep from her in several days, and even then it was just an email. In that email, she claimed she’d be out of town, but I have not seen any evidence of that. There’s not much to go on, anyway, as she is not updating any of her websites, so I guess that makes me even a bit more curious.

Thus it was that I awoke just shy of 5:00 a.m. Since my car is out of commission, I had to take the bus into work. On a good day, this would take about 75 minutes; since today is Sunday, it took two hours. I started by walking a mile in the pre-dawn chill to the transit center. I did have the beautiful, full moon to accompany me, though. I thought  I might find a cup of coffee, but everything was closed. So I waited for the bus, and when it did arrive it took forever to depart. Its tracking and payment device was non-functional, and it took the driver about 10 minutes to get it rectified. There were many unhappy riders in that bus. Somehow, I planned the itinerary with enough wiggle room that I made my next connection, and that one got me almost all of the way to my final destination. I ended up walking the mile or so to work, because by this time it was a beautiful, crisp morning. I had the time, and was able to stop off for a coffee along the way.

I put in a full day’s work, and got a few bulletins from the mechanic along the way. (I’m truly hoping that the bill is not too steep in the final analysis.) Then I walked back to the bus terminal, the same mile I’d walked to get to work that morning, and caught a bus that fortuitously provided two very convenient and rapid connections. So, door to door coming home only took an hour and forty minutes. Mind you, this takes only 20 minutes by car, so this is why getting that dang thing fixed is so crucial. (Ahem, plug #2 for Rodion’s Auto Repair Fund, hehheh…)

I got home absolutely exhausted. I can barely see straight as I type this, but then again I’m actually at the point of feeling too tired to sleep, if you know what I mean. I guess that means I’ll do a couple of self-hypnosis sessions before hitting the sack. They do have the ancillary effect of helping me to sleep. The tracks I’m working with right now are Be Lucky and Stop Being Messy (yup, Messy Marvin, here). Neatness is definitely one of my fixings, and I have to say that this download has really helped a lot. I’ve only used it for about 4 days or so, but it already is having a noticeable effect. As for Be Lucky, well, the jury is still out on that one, but when all those donations to Rodion’s Auto Repair Fund (heheh… plug #3; annoyed yet?) start rolling in, I think I’ll know that one is working, too. Actually, I have had some measurable increases in luck since I started working with that one about a week ago.

Actually, I’m curious what kind of results and successes readers of this blog might be having with any of these self-hypnosis downloads, if by chance you’ve checked it out and gotten any. I’m hoping some of you have in fact checked it out, and remember that there are free resources there as well, in case you’re leery about plonking down $12 to try out one of their sessions. Like I said, I’ve seen noticeable changes after just a few days with these tracks, so I’m wondering what others have experienced. Please feel free to leave a comment below with your experiences, or just go ahead and email me and we can dialogue that way, if you’d like. Really, I’m quite curious. I think it’s really powerful stuff, and I am very enthusiastic about it. Honestly, I wish I’d found out about them a whole lot sooner.

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