Rodion’s Roadster Repair Resource, Redux

So, the car got fixed today — and many thanks to those of you who felt so kind as to contribute towards Rodion’s Auto Repair Fund. Not only does my auto (and me) thank you, but so does my mechanic.

He is a good mechanic, too. He was absolutely punctual and unfailingly honest. He is one of those few guys out there that actually repairs battery cables, rather than ordering dealership stock and replacing the whole deal. He easily saved me several hundred dollars. Nevertheless, it was still just a bit over $300, all told, but at least the car runs.


But that’s not all, I’m afraid. He said he taped my air-intake hose so it would function, and advised me not to fix that right now. No, no. The radiator needs replacing. ¡Ay, Dios mio! I guess that’s the next step. He told me to brace myself, because these things aren’t cheap, and we’re looking at the $800 range. Yikes (again). He advised me to get this done before it turns cold, so this would be in the next month or two. Thus I’ll be keeping virtual hat out for contributions to old Mr. R’s (i.e. my) auto repair fund.

Alright, enough of the pan-handling, right?

Truth be told, these marital crises take their toll in more ways than one. There has been a personal toll, an emotional toll, and a finacial toll as well. What I’d tell anyone right now is that the only things standing between me and reconciling my marriage right now are time and money. Of time, i’ve got plenty. I’m not in a hurry, although, yes, I wouldn’t mind getting there tomorrow. Of money, I’ve got less — far less. It’s really the only thing that worries me at this point in the reconciliation process. Not that having a bigger bank account would make me feel better about any of this, but just that it would make the whole process a whole lot less stressful. But, one does what one can.

I’ve really no news about my wife. She’s MIA right now. She told me in her last email that she’d be “out of town,” and perhaps that’s true. Well, it is true, because Camp C-S is out of town, but I took her comment to mean that she’d actually be going on a trip of some sort. That could be true as well. She did leave the dog here for another week with absolutely no explanation, after all. Whatever that trip is, or might have been, it’s probably over now. She said she might call me tomorrow morning, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see about that.

The truth about adultery is that such relationships are inherently unstable and unhealthy. I was advised early on that a typical affair lasts “anywhere from a few months to a year,” and while I thought maybe, just maybe my wife’s might be on the low end of that spectrum, it now clearly has persisted to rate at the high end. It seems like, even now, she just doesn’t get it: the affair is doomed and will end, no matter what.

Or maybe she does get it, I don’t know. I just find this current wall of silence to be hard to explain. The previous wall of silence at least was accompanied by her incessant posting to her newfangled blog, as well as to the adulterer’s professional Facebook page. All that seems to have stopped. It’s been nearly a week since she posted to the former, and about a week and a half since there’s been any activity on the latter. Granted, they could be busy, or having some sort of super-awesome vacation somewhere, but I really, really doubt it. This just feels different to me. My mostly sleepless night on Sunday leads me to think that things really are coming unglued in that “relationship.” Oh, how I hope that’s true. I have a very strong intuitive sense at this point that this could really be the case. I would really like to be right, of course, as I predicted this, quite prematurely, some months ago. But heck, those were still the early days, and I just didn’t know what I was dealing with. By now, I’m a seasoned veteran of all this adultery hoo-ha. (Not the commission of it, of course, I’d never do that.)

Anyway, folks, I’ll close here with a repeated thanks for your kind contributions, and hope that I can have happier news — much, much happier news — to report in the near future.

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