December: the Triple-Whammy Month

December has always been a month of celebrations in my marriage. Since my marital crisis began, it has become a month of tribulations. It’s really a triple-whammy of occasions:

  • Next week is my wife’s birthday.
  • The following week comes Christmas.
  • The very next week comes our anniversary.

We’ve always celebrated these days together. That is, until last year, when the affair took root. She left for two days to spend her birthday with the adulterer. Then she left for a few more, to spend Christmas with him. (I left town to be with family.) Then she abandoned me one more time, to spend the New Year’s holiday with him.

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed. In the interim, I have experienced much personal growth, while my wife’s life has pretty much remained unevolved. Her affair is almost certainly become increasingly unstable, and I do have reason to suspect that things have shifted in the recent past.

Tonight, I have the opportunity to see her again. I do not know if the adulterer will be there, as he was on the last similar occasion. I’d give it 50/50 odds. Whatever happens tonight, I’m almost certain it will be a huge interruption to the fairy tale that has been her life this past year.

What remains to be seen is what might happen during that triple-whammy. I hold out hope, of course, that a sudden and drastic reversal of course could occur before next week. That’s how these breakthroughs tend to occur: very suddenly.

But, in any event, I daresay I am in a much better position, personally and emotionally, to handle the whole triple-whammy than I was a year ago.