Necessity, the Mother of Invention

Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday.

Since her most recent bout of stonewalling began last month, it has been very hard to get through any kind of communication with her. I feel that this withdrawal is deliberate: an attempt to try to make it through the holidays with her inappropriate relationship unscathed. It’s quite likely, for a lot of reasons, actually, that things have already begun to unravel, and it’s now just a matter of time. Not that it hasn’t always been, but it seems to me to be now more so than ever.

Her withdrawal has made giving very difficult. At this point, she seems to have positioned herself to avoid me through the new year. So, I had to wrangle up a gift that would be deliverable from anywhere, to anywhere. Here’s what I did.

I poked around a bit, and found a seller in Italy who would place a padlock (a “love lock”) on a pier at Lake Como, in northern Italy. I contacted the seller, and she agreed to also provide a video with a short message. I pretty much bought all the bells and whistles on this “gig,” and the seller was an absolute pleasure to work with. I even asked if she could send me a Google Map link to the location of the lock, and she furnished this as well; I hope to take my wife there some time in the not-too-distant future, so she can see it in person.

The photo came in first, and the the video. At nearly 80MB, most email servers would probably choke on it, so I made a quick website on which I placed all of these goodies. She’ll get the link tomorrow.