Thanks for Visiting

Hello, dear readers.

I’ve been relatively silent of late, and just wanted to put a quick post up for those of you who come here regularly, and also for those of you landing here for the first time. For the latter, please have a browse around.

For the former, well, I’ve been busy. Busy, busy, busy. I am in the midst of the busiest part of the work season, and it won’t let up until August 16. By the way that is the same day I’m supposed to have a “status conference” on the paperwork my wife has filed with the court. She did this without consulting me, so I’m going to have to get a legal opinion on this. I’ve been so busy that I have not even been able to manage this, but probably will do so tomorrow. It seems like, at pretty much every turn right now, life just throws stuff in my way that prevents me from completing important tasks.

So it is.

I’ve had some interesting exchanges with my wife regarding our tax situation. She was initially very hostile and angry, so I sent copies of the IRS letter to her by mail. I had no reply, and with the deadline for response rapidly approaching, I reached out to her over the weekend.

Nothing. So I reached out again today.

The reply was curious: it was not hostile. It was factual and actually quite cooperative. She will be contacting a mutual colleague to try to sort this out. This colleague might actually (hopefully) deliver—and quite spontaneously, should it happen—a minor wake-up call of sorts.

You see, there are few things that are more grounding for an obstinate spouse than the reality of having to deal with real-world situations. Affairs are pure fantasy, and one of the best ways to interrupt them is to engage the wayward spouse with real-world concerns. As many of you know, my wife filed for divorce some months ago, and this was likely at the behest of the adulterer. Divorce litigation is a state- and county-level affair; tax concerns are federal, and therefore trump the more local concerns. So, I am just sitting back and awaiting the repercussions…

In other news, I have learned that my wife will be performing next month with some mutual colleagues, and the rehearsals are almost certain to take place at a colleague’s house just a mere 500 feet from here. She may even be there right now, for all I know.

These are interesting days. I daresay that it could be a thrill a minute, watching an affair crumble.

Otherwise, life is good; work is busy, and the social life is quite active. These things have contributed to my relative silence here of late. Please be well and keep us in your thoughts and prayers.