Busy, busy, busy

It looks like it’s been about five days since my last post, so I figured I should at least put a little update here. It has been a very busy time for yours truly. Since Friday, I’ve started a new job and also done about 30 hours of volunteer work.

Wait, what? 30 hours of volunteer work?

That’s right. I got recruited by a colleague at the local dharma center to work a program that was running this past weekend. Ostensibly it was a “work study” position, in which one volunteers one’s time in exchange for a reduced entry fee, but since all entry fees are in essence voluntary donations with suggested amounts, this really wasn’t operative. I was asked to volunteer because they thought I’d be ideal for the work that needed to be done. “You’re intelligent, calm, and gracious,” was the explanation I was given. I think I can attest for the middle quality, but the other two are anyone’s guess.

I had agreed to work this program about a month ago. Then, last week, I was offered a new job, and had very little time to acquaint myself with a mountain of materials that I’d have to be up to speed with by today. Suddenly the volunteer work was a bit problematic, logistically speaking, but I couldn’t exactly back out, and wouldn’t have considered doing that anyway. I figured I’d just study the materials during my down time while volunteering.

The volunteering experience itself was fantastic. It was really a blessing to be able to serve an authentic teacher within the tradition, someone who is only a few years older than myself but massively accomplished. He was incredibly gracious and unassuming, and genuinely appreciative of the work that I and others were doing on his behalf. There is far too much that transpired during that weekend than than I have time to write about here, and in any event this blog is not about spiritual programs, but rather marriage reconciliation. Suffice it to say that, at the end of the program, I was able to receive the blessings of the lineage from the teacher, and the procession in which this occurred was a deeply moving event.

That was yesterday. I came home and had about 5 hours of work to do before retiring — and this after having volunteered for about 11 hours straight. Then I got a quick 6 hours of sleep or so and got up to get ready for my first day on the job. It was an interesting situation, actually. I’ve never had a job quite like this one: I was hired based on my credentials and experience, and entrusted with work that would normally not be given to a new employee. My first project is offsite, and one of the reasons I was given that project is because it is not all that far from where I live. It’s a full-time position, but with the structure and time schedule of a sort of part-time, freelance position, and this suits me quite well.

So what of the reconciliation process? Well, it is as slow going as ever. I have not seen her or heard from her since Thursday. According to her custom, she ignores my phone calls and lets them go straight to voice mail. I don’t let this bother me and continue to persevere. She should be back in town again on Wednesday and I should hopefully see her then. With this new job, a monkey wrench has been thrown into that process, as I likely will be busy for much if not most of that day. But I’m sure I’ll find a way to make it work.

Other than that, there isn’t really much new to report. I do think that things have really turned a corner for me recently, and that with this turning there may very well be a real change in my reconciliation prospects.

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