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Fog in the harbor

My wife has returned from her New Year’s weekend jaunt with her lover. Since I know quite a lot about this man, I know exactly where she was most of this time, as well as what she was likely to have been doing. She seemed happy to be home and to see me, but it seems the affair fog still has not lifted. She has yet to broach a word to me of her plans. As I may have stated in an earlier post, her original plan was to divorce me, move out, and start a “new life” with this lover from January 1st. Well, that date came and went. She has not filed, and might never do so. She also has not moved out yet, and has not even really packed anything. I have no sense for what her plans are, although I suspect I’ll hear about them soon. Stay posted, friends…

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2012: The Year of Reconciliation

Greetings, my friends.

I’ve decided to start this blog as a service to the multitude of people in the world whose marriages have been defiled by infidelity. I’m hoping that, as I document my own struggles with adultery and my attempts to reconcile my marriage, that some of the insights I post might be of help to others.

The title of this post, “2012: The Year of Reconciliation”, casts my vision of the future. It is one in which I win back my spouse’s affection, restore trust, and rebuild our marriage into the partnership of our dreams. I’m sure that many of you may doubt that this is possible, but statistics quoted in various sources would seem to indicate otherwise: only about 30% of marriages beset with infidelity end up in divorce; the remainder continue on, and if both partners are truly vested in the reconciliation process, they may go on to creating a truly superior marriage.

I’ll also be posting links to various programs that can be of help if you find your marriage in a similar situation as mine.

Best wishes to you all for the year 2012. May it bring you peace, prosperity, and marital happiness.