Happy Holidays

This will just be a brief post to wish all my readers the happiest of holidays.

I realize that this time of year can be difficult, especially if you are dealing with a marriage in some state of crisis, but it is totally survivable. I’ve been through it before, last year at this time. I find that two things help.

First, attitude determines everything. In reality, the holidays are days just like any others, it’s just that we attach special significance to them because they are times of family gatherings, celebrations, and giving. However, there are many other times of year that are not holidays in which families gather, celebrate, and give. These holidays of course also have religious significance to some, and this is something that you should absolutely acknowledge. Nevertheless, there are many other religious holidays throughout the year which have equal, if not greater significance than the holidays that are currently upon us.

Religious significance notwithstanding, there is a strong cultural element to these holidays, and that can weigh even more severely. The reminders are everywhere: festive decorations, light displays, shop offerings, and so on. Having spent a number of Christmas holidays in Japan, I have a slightly different perspective. In that country, Christmas is just another day, and not in any way the major holiday that it is here. And, there are some rather odd things attached to that holiday over there, like for example the ubiquitous holiday songs of choice, which for some reason favor Mariah Carey and Wham! (I always favored Yamashita Tatsurou’s offering, cheesy though it might be.)

Second, if you can do it, surround yourself with friends and family. They will help you get through it. (Just don’t blab about your marriage, as that won’t be helpful.)

Guess that’s about it. I’m with the family for the holidays.

Since it is Christmas Eve, and the risk of being cheesy (and also at the risk of getting some odd search engine hits — I still get several hits per month for the keywords “chicken house of poo,” since I embedded a Tony Bourdain video here some months ago) I’m posting the Yamashita Tastsurou video (“Christmas Eve”) below.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays”

  1. Happy holidays, rodion.

    I admire you for standing for your marriage. You’re a good man. Hoping the New Year brings you a miracle.

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