Here is a brief list of resources I recommend to those facing marital crises. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about them.

  • Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel. This is my #1 recommendation for anyone facing any kind of marital crisis: adultery, impending divorce, separation, obstinate spouse, etc. It’s an outstanding program, there is plenty of support, and I fully believe it’s worth every penny. The success rate of this program is in excess of 90%, and this program has worked in even the most intractable of cases.
  • Hands down the best source of therapeutic self-hypnosis audios on the web. Produced by a team or professional psychologists and hypnotherapists, there are many offerings that are appropriate for people suffering marital crises. See my hypnosis page for recommended audio sessions.
  • Save the Marriage by Lee Baucom. Another excellent resource, with a success rate in the vicinity of 85%. This would probably be my #2 choice. I’m generally not a fan of e-books, but Baucom’s materials are both good and informative.
  • Marriage Sherpa by Frank Gunzburg. Another excellent program, with success rates around 90%. Free material and excellent blog articles are avaialble via the main website.
  • Break Free from the Affair by Bob Huizenga. This program is affordable, and the e-book Break Free from the Affair is a valuable resource. A worthwhile investment for anyone dealing with infidelity.

Moving Forward with Marriage, One Step at a Time.

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