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I’ve been very busy of late, and this explains my absence from this blog.

Things have definitely been churning on the marital front, but it’s hard to tell really what’s going on. I am reminded of the expression that “things always get worse before they get better,” and that definitely seems to be true.

My wife has been unusually communicative over the past couple of weeks, but for the most part this has been rather nasty and hostile communication. But, there was at least one surprise.

Basically, the story is this: last month, my wife filed a “confirmation of issues” document with the court, which is a procedural document for which she is supposed to solicit my response. She did not do this, and instead just filed it, stating that I refused to cooperate. Huh? Well, the truth is that I would not have signed it in all likelihood, but since she did this, we are now ordered to appear at a status conference on Friday.

She ended up contacting me in the past few days to tell me that she was mailing the same document to me again, and wanted me to sign it. I guess she does not want to go to this conference, ostensibly because she does not want to have to see me. We had a back and forth via email over the past couple of days regarding this document; essentially, I was trying to get her to speak with my by phone, to which she predictably demurred.

However, quite unexpectedly, she offered to come by the house yesterday, essentially to get this document signed. I could not make this happen, as I (like most people) had to work. She was not flexible at all with her timeline—it was either that morning or nothing. So, we did not see each other. She had other random and relatively non-sensical things to say.

There are some other things brewing that I cannot get into, as I do not quite know all the details. She seems to be, well, rather crazy right now. I think she is really struggling and is doing everything she can to keep her fantasy life in place. There is a real sense of desperation about her actions and her energy.

Not sure where things are going from here. It is a weird phase, to be sure.

2 thoughts on “Status Conference”

  1. If she really believed in her decision, it seems like she’d be much calmer and more organized. From what you describe, she sounds very confused and angry. Not the best emotional place in which to make a serious decision. Good luck Friday.

  2. That’s exactly where she’s at: confused and angry. I do believe she is being pressured by the adulterer, and possibly by one or more of his friends as well. She presents two faces to the world: one that she wants the public to see via her various Facebook postings and such, and another that she shows me. The former delivers a message that says she has a happy and carefree life; the latter says that she is tired, irritable, worried, scared, ashamed, guilty, and miserable.

    The frustrating thing for me is that I cannot end her suffering. There is virtually nothing I could say or do right now that would have that kind of impact. That message needs to come from somewhere and someone else. When it happens, it will be a wake-up call. I have seen her many times in the past barrel toward a “goal” with all her might, and every single time she drives herself to breakdown.

    That, I believe, is where she is headed. It’s been her destination since day one, and she is getting nearer to it by the hour.

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