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My Moment of Geek

Not a whole lot to report this week; alas, still getting stonewalled. Hopefully this is the last gasp of the resistance.

Since there isn’t much to report, I’ll be brief.

I have already prepared a gift for my wife for next week. She did already thank me for the bracelet, and I recall a few years back hearing from my sister that my wife had told her that I “never give [her] jewelry,” so I made some more.

Well, sort of. I made a full Buddhist mala (prayer beads), with 108 redwood beads and poppy jasper spacers after each 27th bead, much in the Tibetan manner. The guru bead is also jasper, and it is strung on red cord with a red tassel. I say this is not really jewelry, because that’s not what it’s intended for; however, people do wear these as necklaces, or even as loose bracelets when looped around the forearm 4-5 times. That’s what I’ll encourage her to do, with the aspiration, of course, that she actually does use it for its normally intended purpose. It’s a pretty nice-looking piece of work, I think.

But that’s not really my moment of geek. No, that came when I was looking for web information on tying end knots, e.g. the Chinese endless knot, which I’d learned a couple of weeks ago. This is what I found. Go ahead, click through — it’s not going to try to sell you anything. It’s a website on tying all sorts of decorative knots. The page I linked to is for a Celtic heart knot. I’ve made a couple of these, and they are really beautiful. I also learned how to make a cloud knot; I’m going to use a small piece of knotting cord with this knot on the outside of the box in which I’m giving my wife the mala; inside, the mala will be wrapped in a handkerchief from one of her favorite stores (ahem — she left it here last year) and secured with another piece of knotting cord with the heart knot on it.

If that doesn’t touch her heart, I don’t know what will.