Weekend wrap-up

I had a very busy weekend. But then, I’m pretty much busy every day these days. On Thursday, my wife suddenly left a day early for her weekend at Camp Chickenshit. On Friday, I had plenty of work on my plate. Then the weekend rolled around, and things were going to be busy as well.

On Saturday I had a full day of teaching, starting at 8:30 a.m. I pretty much worked straight through until 6:00 p.m., with only a couple of breaks in between. Then, after that, I had an event to attend that would stretch pretty late into the evening. Today (Sunday) was also fairly busy: two students to teach, wrap-up of a morning retreat practice, and then the weekly Green Tara puja that I invariably attend, and often lead these days.

Around 5:00 in the evening, as I’m just relaxing and unwinding, my wife suddenly calls. Hmmmmm. It’s totally unlike her to call, unless it’s something logistical. In fact, it was just that. She was wrapping up a rehearsal that I had no idea was even going on; one of the groups she plays for has a couple of concerts next weekend, so this was pretty much the last rehearsal before the dress rehearsal. She hadn’t said anything at all to me about this, and I don’t know what she would have planned on doing had I not been available. She said we could swing by and pick up the dog (“you can take her to ‘your’ place,” is what she said) and that she’d come home with me. I don’t know what for, except that maybe she needed a change of clothes. To my knowledge, she never took a suitcase over to her friends’ house, so she must come home when I’m not here to refresh her clothing situation every now and then.

So I picked her up, and we joked around a bit. As we arrived at her friends’ house to pick up the dog, the friend (the wife) was in her car getting ready to leave. She greeted me somewhat awkwardly; my response and behavior was totally normal. My wife went in to get the dog, and as she walked by the other car, her friend invited her to come out with her, as she was going to meet her husband and his friends. She came back with the dog, and told me she was going out instead. Whatever. I gave her some Pocky (she loves that stuff) as a quick parting gift, and that was it.

The dog, once again, smelled of Camp Chickenshit. You know, that standard kitty litter/chicken coop smell. When I took her out of her carrier, she was full of energy and ready to go. Then I noticed something odd: the inside door of the carrier, which is made of nylon mesh so that the dog can see out and the carrier can ventilate, was all torn up. It appeared as if the dog had tried to scratch her way out of the carrier on more than one occasion. Hmmmmmmmm. Very interesting. Now, my wife loves this dog more than life itself, so I just wonder how that happened. I suspect she puts the dog in the carrier while they are on the way up to Camp Chickenshit, but I don’t know if they put the carrier in the cab of the adulterer’s truck or in the back. I do hope that it is the cab; I just couldn’t see my wife putting the dog in the back of a truck, not at all. Something about the experience seems to be unsettling to the dog, though. At the very least, I’m going to have to buy a new carrier, since that one is trashed.

The only other real news to report is that I called my wife this evening to invite her to the Green Tara puja next Sunday. She went with me to the first one I ever attended, and this occurred last year about a week or so after the massive Japan earthquake. The community decided to dedicate that puja and its merit to all the people affected by the disaster, and there was a very large turnout for the event. Next Sunday marks the one-year anniversary, and I plan to dedicate the puja to the memory of the victims of that disaster, as well as to those who are still affected by it. Under normal circumstances, she’d come with me. But our circumstances are not normal, and haven’t been for nearly 5 months now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she declined my offer entirely, but I guess we’ll just have to see.

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